art liaisons

Art Liaisons is an Adelaide-based art and creativity agency that facilitates the sale of locally made art, artisan and craft work. Our online gallery provides a platform for emerging and established artists to sell their artwork, while our diverse connections in the South Australian art and craft community allows us to source artworks beyond that exhibited in the online gallery.

We aim to bridge the gap between artists and buyers, to see more people living with and creating inspirational art. We work with local businesses to provide opportunities for artists to exhibit their artwork, and we aim to empower the artist within us all.

meditation and mindfulness classes and groups

Art Liaisons also helps (self-identified) non-artisitic people to access their innate creativity for personal and/or business goals. We use meditation-based techniques to connect people to their authentic self and inner creative source, while empowering and inspiring them to move beyond their comfort zone into the realms of self-expression, passion and purpose.

Meditation and Mindfulness has rapidly grown in popularity in Australia in recent years and is now accepted as valid practice and means to living a balanced, healthy, successful, happy and high-powered lifestyle, with both science and mainstream experience repeatedly demonstrating its numerous benefits. As a passionate meditator and meditation teacher, Art Liaisons is responding to this increased appetite for meditation by offering meditation classes and groups in their own right, in both private and corporate settings, for both groups and individuals.

Meditation sessions are available for all levels of meditators ... read about the numerous benefits of meditation here.

corporate meditation groups

Experience the ease of meditating in a group and reduce the stresses and pressures of the working week by joining a City lunchtime meditation session.  Weekly (30 minute) meditation groups are currently being held on Tuesdays at 12:30pmWednesdays at 12:30pm and Thursdays at 9:30am at Hub Adelaide, 5 Peel St, Adelaide. These groups are designed to help busy city workers relax, reduce stress, improve cognitive function, improve creativity, productivity and connect and attend to their most important resource - themself. 30 minute sessions are ideal for those who struggle to find time for meditation. Register to join a group and enjoy the benefits of group meditation.

Art Liaisons can come to your workplace and tailor meditation sessions to suit your team. All we need is a room with chairs. Great for team-building and bonding, meditation is scientifically proven to increase our sense of connectivity, emotional intelligence and awareness - crucial elements in successful teams. Contact Jen for more information and to chat about your specific workplace needs. 

private meditation groups

One-on-one meditation sesions are available for those who feel they need extra guidance. Or enjoy the benefits and ease of group meditation by joining one of our 5-week Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness courses, which will soon begin at a City venue TBC. Sessions will likely run weekly on Monday/Tuesday nights and Saturday/Sunday mornings in the city, email us to register your interest. For beginners and those keen to enjoy the benefits of group meditation. 

“The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings by changing the inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives.” William James

SALA 2017 - ON NOW !!!

Art Liaisons is proud to be co-hosting two solo SALA exhibitions this year. Get along before the end of SALA (August)!

'Auras' by Textile Warrior at Trouble and Strife

'Arrival', Textile Warrior

Vintage images, inner thoughts, a bit of sistahood and a lot of sparkly moments made from pasted collage of mixed media, paper and textiles. Also hanging will be the original artworks that inspired public art installation pieces at Goodwood, Forestville and Beckman Street tram stops. 

Exhibition opens Saturday, July 29, 3pm - 5pm, at Trouble and Strife, 123 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood.

Congratulations to Textile Warrior who almost SOLD OUT on opening ... there's only a few original collage pieces left, so if you're in the market get along to Trouble and Strife asap. In response, Textile Warrior is creating hand-painted prints of many of the originals for those who missed out - contact Art Liaisons if you are interested in a framed or unframed print (on high-quality German rag paper)

Exhibition runs until 31 August 2017.

'Faces of Rumination' by Billy Oakley at Modinetti

"Untitled Self-portrait', Billy Oakley

'Faces of Rumination' is a vivid expression of emotive portraiture by emerging, Adelaide impressionist painter, Billy Oakley. Fauvist in style, self-taught and unfettered, this is must-see exhibition this SALA.

Exhibition opens Thursday 3 August, 6:30pm - 8:30pm, in conjunction with Modinetti's cicchetti and cocktail night. Bring a friend and enjoy Modinetti's delicious hospitality while taking in Billy's magic on canvas. 

Billy is surely a super-star of the future ... such moody, vibrant and evocative portraits, and such a young talent with so much ahead of him, I'm sure we'll see him in the Archibald Prize one year! Buy up now before he rises to the 'big (and less affordable) league'. 

Congratulations Billy.

Exhibition runs until Saturday 16 September 2017.

viewing art for sale

Recently sold artworks from Trouble and Strife Cafe, 123 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood.



We can help you find or commision artwork for you home, office or public space. Allow us to do the leg work to connect you to art you love and value.  


Art Liaisons runs a series of art workshops for artists, wannabe artists and other interested memebrs of the public. Workshops teach specific painting and mixed media techniques, business skills, finishing, framing and photography skills, marketing and other topics aimed at empowering you and your art practice. Learn from other artists and art related professionals and connect with others in the local art community. Call or email us for more details and to register your interest in upcoming workshop series.

Art Liaisons will be running Creativity Facilitation workshops in 2017 for people who want to tap into and express their own creativity. This may be for artistics pursuits or just to improve ideation and efficiency in business and other areas of life. Contact us for more information, or watch this space for updates and upcoming dates. 

art liaisons on radio

Thanks to the very creative Ian Newton for supporting local creatives - musicians, writers, artists, business owners and other radio show hosts! We had fun chatting with him on his Radio Adelaide show, Morning Juice, about making art more accessible and facilitating creativity for those who don't believe they are creative.

mystical liaisons

Astrology and Numerology Consultations

Consultations are now available, diving deep into your natal astrology and numerology to reveal the skills, abilities and purposes you brought with you into this lifetime. Lunar Node Readings reveal one's strengths, weakness and destiny in this lifetime ... incredibly empowering insights! Contact Jen for more information or to book a one hour consultation to gain personal insght and empowerment. 


"Sold!!! I've loved this piece from conception. It had to be mine!! Thanks Jen ... "

Sami Porter, Adelaide