QUOC NGUYEN "Painting is very important to my life because when I come home from work, and I sit down to look at my paintings, I feel happy and like I have a purpose.

"I am alive and see some things that are beautiful around me. I feel life has changed a lot for me since I was in Vietnam. When I was there, I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, and what I wanted to do was paint."

Quoc came to Australia in the early 1990s as a refugee from the Mekong Delta. He has been painting all his life, however it was not until he came to Australia that was he able to study Graphic Design and make art a significant part of his life.

Quoc uses a traditional Vietnamese mix of watercolour and ink in many of his Botanic Garden inspired paintings. Quoc also works in an abstract style, using collage, acrylic and computer imaging. Quoc's works on paper are framed in elegant, simple black framing under glass.