FRAN TOMLIN Fran Tomlin’s work pursues a relentless dedication to the exposure of the human condition, primarily the relationship between the Self & the Soul.

Born in 1954 and despite growing up surrounded by artists of every description throughout her childhood in South Africa, it was not until 1994 that Fran committed to painting. In 1994 she completed a year’s TAFE course in Drawing Fundamentals in Lismore NSW. However in painting she is entirely self-taught.

An extremely prolific painter, Fran has had her work shown in 33 Selected exhibitions nationally, including the Portia Geach Portrait Prize (NSW), of which she was a finalist six times; Conrad Jupiters Art Prize (QLD) innumerous times, selected finalist for the Archibald Prize (NSW), 2003. As well, Fran has had nine Solo Exhibitions in Sydney, Lismore Regional Art Gallery, in Adelaide at Greenhill Galleries, and 14 Group Exhibitions in NSW, SA, VIC and QLD.

Fran’s work is held in the Permanent Collections of the Lismore Regional Art Gallery in NSW, The Nelson Mandela Museum in South Africa, The South African High Commission in Canberra and the Australian Embassy in Berlin. She is also represented in many private Collections in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, London, Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. 

Fran has judged on the Bentley Art Prize in NSW, given Artist Talks at the S.H Ervin Gallery in Sydney twice, as well as a number of times at the Lismore Regional Art Gallery. Her work has been televised by ABC-TV & Channel 31 in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

In the past Fran's work has caused controversy, Police have been called, exhibitions almost halted, a Sydney Gallery Director once fled her studio... her work could, and can, be confrontational as it always demands conscious contemplation.

More recently, Fran has made a foray into the Metaphysical arena whereby she currently works on Spirit Guide Portraits and Spiritual Paintings.