LYNX & LITTLEHAWK ART STUDIO Delana Carbone is an emerging artist who has been exhibiting for 7 years, focusing mainly on stencil/aerosol works in a street art on canvas style.

She is now combining her post-graduate studies in Creative Writing combined with visual arts to explore the genre of SuperFiction. Her last solo exhibition at The Mill included stencils on canvas, reconstructed paper works and simulated artefacts.

Finalist in the International Stencil Art Prize for the last two years, under her nom de plume of Littlehawk.

She has been participating in live art events for 4 years for companies such as SALA, Vacant Space and St Jerome’s Laneway.

Most recently published on The Writers Bloc in a mixed media example of her writing and visual art.

Available for public space commission works as well as private. The most recent example of this is the women’s bathroom cubicle and the archway next to Lucia’s in the Adelaide Central Markets.