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meditation and mindfulness

Create your own personal oasis, within, among the noise and haste, and find peace, health and your true self via meditation, mindfulness and visualisation practices.

Mainstream western science now confirms what Eastern practitioners have known for thousands of years; meditation is very good for mindbody and soul. And it is a vehicle through which we can create ourself and our life as we desire. 

Our thoughts and feelings are CREATIVE, becoming words, actions, behaviours and habits. Whatever we are thinking and feeling, we are empowering, sustaining and bringing into tangible form.

By taking control of our thoughts, feelings words and actions we can control our experience of reality. In order to shape our reality, rather than have reality shape us, we must be aware of what we are thinking and feeling, moment by moment, throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, many of us go through our days without paying attention to what we are effectively empowering with our thoughts and feelings. We often only notice the extremes in our thoughts and emotions and don't feel in control of them. We experience life as a mental and emotional rollercoaster that seems out of our direct control. 

This unconscious behaviour is the main reason we make so little progress in improving the quality of our lives. The key to changing this dynamic is to pay attention to what we are empowering with our thoughts and feelings. Controlling attention is at “the very root of judgement, character and will” (William James). 

Meditation is not only good for healthwell-beingcreativity and for increasing brain capacity, it also promotes executive functioning and the ability to sustain attention (see here also). 

Meditation and mindfulness are ancient Eastern practices that have, thankfully, found their way into mainstream Western lifestyles. These practices transform people's lives for the better and are thus growing in popularity as more people share the benefits with others. 

Meditation/mindfulness is a bridge connecting us to our true nature. It provides a way to heal, integrate and balance mind, body and soul so that we can 'know thyself' and experience being truly self-expressed and live the best life we can. 

“Meditation is the single most powerful tool to aid recovery from disease and lead to a life of maximum health.” Ian Gawler

“We don’t understand the operations of our mind and hence we don’t operate them very well.” Charles Tart

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