A “coach”, or mentor, can give you the tools, perspective and inspiration needed to change, lift or upgrade yourself or any area of life.

My coaching aims to empower individuals to find their point of brilliance, to follow their passion and create their ideal work/life-style. 

I work with likeminded people of all ages with a desire for self-empowerment, happiness and betterment.

I bring an uplifting and joyful energy. I blend the physical and metaphysical arts and sciences in my work, drawing wisdom from numerology, astrology, tarot, spirituality, philosophy, pyschology and parapsychology. I am passionate about empowering others to find the freedom, peace and joy they seek. I am a committed, supportive and powerful coach for people who desire (r)evolutionary change.


‘Jenefer Hill is an inspiring young entrepreneur whose compelling sense of open heartedness is at the centre of all that she creates. I recommend Jen if you are especially interested in obtaining 'outside-the-box’ insights, actions and results around a project, concept or artistic endeavour that invokes a complete break from the way you go about achieving results in life.’ 

Dr Jeremy Director, Habberfield-Short & Associates Ltd New Zealand

'Feel much better already. I can't thank you enough for guiding me through my thought processes today. That aid is invaluable!!!'

Georgie Rogers, El Choto Spanish Delicatessen

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