I have consulted on diverse projects across numerous industries from Education, Science, Creativity, the Arts and Metaphysics. 

My people, communication and facilitation skills, broad knowledge base, creativity and generous heart render me an asset to any team. I work with clients on projects that support the growth of equitable, sustainable and holistic ways to live on this planet, together. I am passionate about aiding and empowering positive change and I like to have fun in the process.

astrology and numerology

One-hour Astrology and Numerology consultations are now available for people who want to gain insight into the unique skills, abilities and characteristics they brought with them into this lifetime. Consultations explore your greatest assets, personality traits and life path potentials. Email Jen for more information or book a $50 consultation, and empower your life with Universal insight.



In 2016, Jen completed a consultancy for Professor Simon Koblar, Head of Stroke Reearch at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, and the Peter Couche Foundation, to facilitate the creation of artworks from mircoscopic brain research imaging to raise money for Stroke Research and to aid communication between Stroke survivors and their families, stroke practitioners and stroke researchers around the impacts and consequences of stroke and its treatment. The consultancy was very successful and helped raise funds as well as raising awareness and empathy for stroke survivors and their carers. 

Prof. Simon Koblar

“In 2013 Jen Hill worked with 32 Master of Architecture and Landscape Architecture students, 2 academic staff and an independent evaluator to deliver an opportunity for Port Augusta Secondary School (PASS) students and staff to interact together for a university Semester. The goal of the project was demystifying University life - whilst the deliverables were 6 PASS campus Master Plans.  Jen project managed the interaction, sourced and reconciled the $20K funding and wrote the evaluation document for both the University of Adelaide School of Architecture and Built Environment, and the Higher Education Participation Program.” 

Dr Susan Shannon, Architect and Senior Lecturer, The University of Adelaide.

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